Introducing team member: Alycia Scheidel

Dear friends,

The time for our next trip draws close – our team will be flying to Ethiopia on March 16th, which means less than a month now until departure! If you have not already heard through our newsletters (not subscribed? Let us know!), this trip will provide training for the second year of Give Me Hope. Our trip last fall enabled us to meet with teachers who were trained last spring and now are using the GMH curriculum to mentor several hundred children around the Addis area. Their feedback overwhelmingly confirmed that they find the curriculum effective and useful as they mentor Ethiopia’s next generation – all glory to God!

Having already seeing how God has aligned everything to bring this curriculum to this country, these teachers, and these children – needless to say, we are excited about this next step of  equipping the teachers as they dive into the 2nd year materials, which will build off of the lessons they have already led the children through.

Another aspect of this trip we are pumped about is that photojournalist Alycia Scheidel will be joining our team! Her mission in Ethiopia will be to capture the stories of God’s faithfulness that are taking place – among the local leaders, teachers, and children. God is working in Ethiopia and through Acts 8, and we want to capture and share stories of what He is doing.

16121538_10212116165929512_1134211005_o (1).jpg
Alycia Scheidel, newest Acts 8 volunteer

We are thrilled to have Alycia – her experience more than qualifies her, and she brings to Acts 8 a like-minded heart to see individuals empowered to become community-changers.

More information about Alycia is below, from her website: Make sure you are subscribed to our updates, as Alycia will be posting as the internet allows during their travels.

Alycia Scheidel is a humanitarian photographer and storyteller based out of Western Washington. It is her firm belief that by empowering individuals, through education and opportunities, we can help them rise above their circumstances and, in turn, empower others within their own communities, countries and, ultimately, the world.  


Almost two years ago, Alycia began her journey as a professional storyteller while traveling across the continent of Africa with the Northwest Ministry Network- Assemblies of God. Her journey led her into the heart of Ethiopia, Cameroon, Botswana, Swaziland and Egypt. She has also recently traveled to Belize where she did some work with the indigenous, Maya people. 

Her personal mission statement is: to truthfully portray the lives of individuals and present them in such a light, that they inspire hope, sustainable change and joy, through the use of photography and story telling. 

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