Acts 8 Ministries provides training, teaching, and coaching to help equip and release leaders who can empower others.

Our training focuses on How To Be and not just how to do. Discipleship of Jesus Christ ultimately rests on the foundation of who God is, what He has done in Christ AND who we are as a new creation in Christ. Without living out of this new identity in Christ, we are not realizing our full potential as God has intended as an inheritance for His glory and plan.

Our most active ministry is Acts 8 Ethiopia. With the launching of the new Acts 8 Ethiopia Training Center in Bishotfu (Debre Zeit) in 2019, our ministry in Ethiopia will continue to exponentially grow. Acts 8 Ethiopia, our Ethiopian ministry includes children’s ministry training, discipleship, leadership development, and youth leadership training. To learn more about Acts 8 Ethiopia, click HERE.

In addition, we have an evangelistic initiative in Japan, a technology initiative and Awakened Artist, an artist ministry in the U.S.

Acts 8 Ministries is also a catalytic ministry. Just like Philip who came alongside the Ethiopian official to assist him in his spiritual journey (Acts 8:26-40), we serve the global body of Christ by introducing them to right discipleship and leadership resources, connecting churches and ministries for synergy and collaboration to help bring the Kingdom on earth.