Hope for Refugee Children

Crisis Response Curriculum for Refugee Children

With over 750,000 refugees within its borders, Ethiopia is said to shelter the largest number of refugees from surrounding countries in Africa. The refugees face disorientation, separation, crowding, unsanitary living conditions, inadequate food and water supplies, and tragic hardships which would daunt even the strongest of heart in their daily search for survival.

How, then, can a child be expected to have hope for life and a future under such dire circumstances?

In response to this traumatic and terrifying reality, Acts 8 Ethiopia has reached out to an Ethiopian church that serves the displaced families of 4 Eritrean Refugee camps along the country’s northern borders and will provide Crisis Response curriculum training to its ministers and teachers for the children in these refugee camps.

Crisis Response Children’s Curriculum is another collaborative resource of Acts 8 Ministries and David C. Cook. It is a Christ-centered, age appropriate 6 – week short course for children ages 8 – 13. It provides 3 valuable tools to help children cope.

  1. It gives God’s answers to such questions as Who is God? Why did this happen? How can I go on living?
  2. It provides resource articles for parents and teachers about understanding refugee children and youth, teaching across cultures, helping children and youth deal with worry and grief, and creating safety for traumatized children and youth.
  3. The trauma-informed lessons help children and young teens who have become refugees begin to heal.