Youth Leadership

The Acts 8 Youth Leadership Training Seminars and Retreats focus on equipping youth leaders with spiritual experiences that are designed to show them how to walk with God, how to hear His voice, and how to seek Him for personal identity and restoration. By deepening their relationships with God, and discovering their personal identities in Christ, they will experience the power of restoration in their own lives that will equip them to lead and disciple others in a Christ-like manner.

The seminars and retreats deliver very powerful and transformational core principles that have personal application to them in the following areas:

  1. At a Crossroad: Are we willing to have our lives disrupted?
  2. Walking with God: Are we listening for God and believing that He reveals the desires of our hearts?
  3. Strict to the What/Flexible to the How: Are we adapting to the Holy Spirit while focusing on our pursuit of the mission God has given us?
  4. Individual pursuit: Are we pursuing the hearts of individuals and the restoration of their hearts?
  5. Unique Identity: Are we exhibiting our unique God-given giftings for significant impact on the Kingdom of God?
  6. Community: Are we building collective identity and mission in our family, friends, ministry, church, community, nation, and the world?
  7. Rites of Passage: Are we seeking freedom in Christ by demolishing strongholds of false identity through the crossing of public thresholds?
  8. On Mission: Are we on an adventure with God?

The format of the training centers around 1) spiritual gift exercises that lead to a heightened understanding of our unique identity in Christ, and 2) periods of alone time with God to develop an understanding of our individual stories, and how God can use them in our mission and witness.

In September 2018, the Acts 8 training team will work with a group of Great Commission Ministry Ethiopia (GCME is Ethiopia Campus Crusade for Christ) youth leaders in Addis Ababa, who will learn these methods and be prepared to teach them to others.